Special Meeting For Church Members 4-27

On Sunday, April 27th, immediately after worship service, we will be having a business meeting.  If you are a member of the church, please make plans to be there.

We will be discussing three specific things during this meeting:

  1. Election of a Trustee.  Pastor Don’s trustee seat must be filled in order that we maintain three active trustees.  This is in keeping with the Church of God at Baden’s by-laws and for legal reasons.  The board of Deacons has recommended that Jim Buchanan stand for election.  But, as always, that is only a recommendation.  Members may make nominations as they see fit.  The only stipulation is that a trustee must be a member of the Church.  The trustee’s duty is to hold title to any real property owned by the church. Said trustees shall purchase, sell, lease or mortgage any real property only upon proper authorization by a two-thirds vote of the church congregation.  The trustee’s term is three years.
  2. Election of new members.  Five church attendees have decided that they want to join themselves to us in official membership.  They are Mike Dockery, Jessica Sharp, Jamie Brown, Dale Mester and Patricia Mester.
  3. Pastor.  Of course, the most sensitive item is the discussion of filling the role of Pastor for the Church of God at Baden.  No one will ever fill the shoes of Pastor Don and it wouldn’t be fair to his successor if we expected that.  Nevertheless, God continues His work in our growing church and we need to have this discussion.  Please note that if the church elects a Pastor on this day, that Pastor will still need to stand for re-election during the July Business Meeting (in a few months) as mandated by the church by-laws.

Please pray about these items and come prepared to discuss them on Sunday, April 27th immediately after the service.  If you are not a member of the church but would like to attend the meeting, you are welcome to, but you will not be able to vote.

peace and love,
rick mester

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