Semi-Annual Meeting 2014 Results

The Church of God at Baden had our semi-annual meeting on July 23rd.  The congregation received ministry reports and voted on various items of business.

The congregation voted to accept Caleb Sharp and Lisa Scheer as members.  Both have had a long relationship with the church and now they have joined us in an official capacity.  We welcome them and look forward to the ministry that they bring.

Due to Paul Finke’s recent passing, the congregation needed to elect a Trustee to fill out the board as outlined in the by-laws.  Dale Mester was elected to serve as a trustee in Paul’s three year term which had just begun in January, 2014.

The by-laws state that the Pastoral vote is to be held every year during the semi-annual meeting.  Since the passing of Don Sharp, Dale Mester has been filling in as interim Pastor.  Dale Mester said that he was willing to serve and as such, the congregation voted and elected Dale Mester to be Pastor of the Church of God at Baden.


This was the first meeting without two of the great pillars of our church, Paul Finke and Don Sharp.  Their absence was notable and felt.  Their names were invoked in most of the discussions.  Their absence made for a hard meeting…  Probably the hardest meeting I’ve been a part of here.

Yet I cannot help but to report that the church is alive and well.  The people were stirred up about the ministries.  There were many discussions about how to enhance the outreach that is already fruitful.  Difficult decisions were made.  But they were made with the desire to reach out and bring grace, love and Salvation to more souls.

We discussed our money issues.  We discussed our maintenance issues.  But in the end, the church’s will is to try to pour themselves out even more, despite the finances.

I know that Don and Paul would be elated to see that the people of the Church of God at Baden are still interested in the souls of those who need Christ.  We will steadfastly continue in these missions that God built up through the obedience of those who came before us, including Don and Paul.  It is our race to run now and run it we will.

rick mester