Special Meeting Report

Thanks to all the members who took part in the special meeting this morning.  I wanted to take a minute to share the results of the meeting with those who could not be there. 

The meeting had three purposes.  The first was the election of a trustee to fill the spot vacated by Pastor Don’s passing.  The second was an election for several people who wanted to become members.  Finally, the third part was to discuss the Pastoral seat of the Church of God at Baden.


The church by-laws require us to have three trustees.  These trustees hold title to any real property owned by the church.  We elected Jim Buchanan to fill the remainder of the term of Pastor Don’s seat.


We are overjoyed to have five new members profess their faith to the congregation and stand for election into membership.  The church unanimously voted to accept Jessica Sharp, Mike Dockery, Jamie Brown, Pat Mester and Dale Mester.  We are excited about them joining us in fellowship and ministry!


This was the tough part of the meeting.  We discussed the Pastor’s seat and what the will of God and the church was.  According to the by-laws, the Pastor stands for re-election at the July business meeting every year as the annual term expires September first.  In an emotional vote, the church elected Dale Mester as interim Pastor.  He will stand for re-election at the July meeting if he and the congregation are willing.

This is a very transitional time for our church.  God is on the move and we are grateful to be a part of His plan.  Let us continue to seek His will in this time of change that we may be see more souls brought into the kingdom of God.

peace and love,
rick mester

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