Semi-Annual Meeting 2016

On Wednesday evening, July 20th, the Church of God at Baden conducted our semi-annual business meeting.  On the agenda were elections, ministry reports and old/new business.  Below are the highlights.


Following the untimely passing of Pastor Dale, the church held an election for his Pastor and trustee seats.

Pastor (Dale Mester)

The church elects Jim Buchanan to serve as Pastor.

Trustee (Dale Mester)

The church elects Rick Mester to serve the remainder of Pastor Dale’s term.

Ministry Reports

Sunday School Report (Debbie Sharp)

Debbie Sharp provides an oral report on the state of Sunday School.

Day Care (Lisa Scheer)

Lisa Scheer provides oral/written report on the state of the Day Care. The financials for June have not yet been completed. Currently going through licensing renewal.

Treasurer (Mary Hance)

Mary Hance provides written Treasurers report.

Food Bank (Bill and Debbie Campbell)

Bill and Debbie Campbell were not present to give a Food Band Report.

Message and a Meal (Caleb Sharp / Debbie Sharp)

Caleb Sharp provides an oral report on the Message and a Meal ministry.

Clothing (Caleb Sharp)

Caleb Sharp provides an oral report on the state of the Clothing Ministry.

Youth Group (Josh and Jessica Sharp)

Jessica Sharp provides an oral report on the Youth Group.

Homeless (Rick Mester)

Rick Mester provides status on the Homeless Ministry. Not much has occurred since the last meeting due to low participation. After the most recent Deacons meetings, deacons have decided to reinvest time into this ministry.

Old Business

a. Pew Removal
b. Women’s Bathroom Remodel
c. Jesus in the City
d. Vacation Bible School
e. Message and a meal
f. Change of signatories on bank (Mary Hance and Jim Buchanan replace Don Sharp and Paul Finke)
g. Security
h. Roof on Garage needs repair

New Business

a. Church wall painting outside
b. Lights in Sanctuary
c. Lights outside
d. Open to the floor

  •  Caleb Sharp would like to utilize the Sanctuary as a Cooling Station during the remainder of the summer months. The members agree.
  •   Rick Mester has been asked by several individuals about doing a memorial services for Dale. He suggests perhaps a day in October.
  •   Brian Hance motions to fund the benevolent fund  for Jim to use for supplies.