Jesus in the City 2011

A Report From 2011

“The Church of God at Baden had our annual neighborhood festival this Saturday (October 8, 2011), and it was such a blessing.  My son Joshua, and Matt Scheer organized the event and incorporated some of the vision that I have for JITC.  There was a much larger focus on youngsters this year, and it certainly showed.  According to most estimates, there were between 200 – 300 kids, and 100 or more adults.  Our friends Paul and Mary Hassler brought a group from Hope church in Ste. Genevieve.  They brought food, clothes, toys and drinks, as well as helped throughout the day, doing any and everything we asked of them.  They also gave away bibles and food in North St. Louis.  Once, we stopped to pray with a family that had just lost a daughter from a car accident on Friday night.  It was a glorious time of prayer with us and about 20 neighbors of the Wilson family.  We prayed right on the sidewalk and street, in Walnut Park.

We had two musical guests. Sombrance performed a 45 minute set, and received rave reviews from those in attendance.  Sombrance’s website is:

Aracely not only played, but spoke to the people about the need to protect all of our children, and allowing them to become what God would have them be.  It did not end there.  Aracely, her husband Tim, and their son Joshu also worshipped with us on Sunday.  Aracely shared with us about her fears, and the Lord’s presence, during her cancer treatment.  During one stage of the treatment, she was isolated from her family, because the radiation levels in her body were dangerous to anyone near her.  During that time, all of her fear was gone, and she was able to write several songs of worship and praise.  You can find her and her music at:

I would like to thank the church for participating so well.  Almost the entire membership came to help minister.  God bless each of you.

I would also like to mention that the “Street Jam” ministry, from North City, Il.,  ministered to the neighborhood, on the Saturday before Jesus In The City.  They got the message out ahead of time, and I am certain that their efforts brought many of our attendees to the festival.

Above all, God was with us.  He blessed us beyond our expectations, as He always does.”Pastor Don