Food Pantry and Homeless Update (1-11-2014)

Happy Sunday everyone!  I wanted to take a moment to give you a report on the homeless and the Food Pantry ministries.  

Yesterday (Saturday), we opened the Food Pantry at 9:30 AM and gave out groceries to 20+ individuals.  Bill Campbell bagged up the groceries while MaryJo Rico and I helped hand them out.

We made a few care packages to deliver as well.  The first stop was to a woman who we’ve been trying to help out as much as possible since we met her on Christmas day.  She is 82 years old and lives alone in the neighborhood.  We brought her some groceries and talked to her for a little while.  She asked that we all pray for her health as she has recently gotten bad news from the doctor.

We also checked in on Reverend Larry.  He is a older gentleman who often sleeps in his car with a kerosene heater.  He ministers and preaches to people on the streets around him.  Reverend Larry has cancer that is spreading throughout his body and he just wants to minister to people for as long as he has left.  Pray for him.  We were able to bring him two large, heavy boxes of groceries.  Reverend Larry refused to let Mike Dockery or I carry the boxes for him.  He’s one of a kind!

Following our grocery stops, we went in search of the homeless. Patricia Sapp made the lunches and packed them up.  Pastor Don, Brandy Mcelwrath, Mike Dockery, Patricia Sapp and I headed out.  We drove around Soulard area and talked to some homeless people.  They told us that they had three places to get fed in the Soulard area.  Thank the good Lord for that.  We drove around south city looking for homeless people to feed.  We were surprised that we didn’t find many.

As we got back on the North side, we did find a camp site under a bridge where we left food.  The warmer weather made for more people walking around on the streets and really didn’t find that many homeless yesterday.  But we know they’re out there.

News reports showed that all the shelters (including the extreme weather temporary shelters) were over flowing last week during the subzero weather.  The challenge with ministering to the homeless is always finding them.  They don’t like to be found because they are often harassed.

Here’s what we request of you.  If you see a homeless person, give them something to eat.  Please PRIVATE MESSAGE us on Facebook or email us here to let us know where we can find them.  We would love to help meet their needs.

Finally, Pastor Don took us to an exciting ministry called Bridge of Hope.  They are in the process of rehabbing a building that will house their school, provide meals to area poor and even have concerts.  The place was buzzing with volunteers repairing and building.  It’s exciting to see!

If you are someone you know is interested in getting involved in the homeless ministry, the food pantry or the clothing garage please contact us!

In the near future we will be asking for volunteers to come up and spend the day sorting through donated clothing that is amassing in our clothing garage so that we can provide clothing assistance alongside the food pantry.

Finally, pray for those who’s path in life has led them to homelessness, destitution, hopelessness and loneliness.  Ask the Lord how you can help in the lives of others.  Remember that Jesus works through your willing heart.


PS – Please continue to pray for our Debbie Campbell.  She was unable to be at the Food Pantry yesterday due to her ongoing health problems.  As some of you know, she is a staple of the church Food Pantry and everyone misses her when she isn’t able to be there!



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