By Pastor Don

A couple of things happened to me this week, that caused me to think.  The first one was when I heard that according to a recent poll, only 48% of Americans identify themselves as Protestants.  This is the first time that I know of, that we are less than a majority.  The other thing was a conversation that I had this morning, while picking up people for Sunday School. I was showing Brandy how the book of Exodus, led up to the book of Joshua. She remarked that she had not known that the books had a connection.

God has been connected to mankind from the beginning. Before the Exodus, there was the slavery of the Hebrews in Egypt for four hundred years. That would not have happened if Joseph had not been imprisoned, which would not have happened unless there had not been a famine after, due to their hatred for him, Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery.  By the way, Joseph even told them that “What you meant for evil, God meant for good.”

God has been with us since our very beginning.  He was there when Adam and Eve betrayed Him.  Imagine how they must have later felt when their own son killed his own brother. Imagine how evil the world must have been, when God flooded it, and destroyed all but eight people.  God has always been in control. His people Israel have had a history of prosperity and captivity.  During the horrors of WWII, and the near extinction of Jews, Gypsies and millions of others, God was still with mankind.

48% of Americans are Protestants. OK, God knows this and is with all Americans and even all mankind for that matter. Jesus started with only a dozen disciples and changed the world.  Right now, America is a nation divided over two ideologies: Socialism and Capitalism.  I have to tell you, this is not a Protestant issue.  Just so you know, without God’s direction both of these systems are failures.  Under a Theocratic system, God employs both systems.  Sorry about that.  Back to my point.  God is still with us.  These are not the worst of times. The body of Christ should not be distracted or divided.  We are in the position to share the Gospel with people who are lost, many of whom are looking for salvation from what seems to be desperate times. While it is true that they need salvation, it comes through redemption, not any political system.

Our purpose is not fearing or hating. It is loving and sharing the Gospel. Brothers and sisters, we are in an amazing time, with amazing opportunities.  We, like every other generations of believers, are a chosen generation.  We are Christians. We are saved and redeemed. Let us say so.

To the unsaved, I say this. Your redeemer and salvation lives. His name is Jesus, and there is no other way or name by which anyone can be saved.

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