Church of God at Baden Annual Meeting Results

The Church of God at Baden has two meeting per year to vote on various Church business decisions.  This is the first meeting of 2013 and these are the voting results:

1)  The church voted to renew our current insurance policies.

2) The church authorized the daycare to install new cabinets and counters in the kitchen.  The church will pay half the cost (up to $750).

3) The church voted to support Mary Lou Heeter for another 12 months.

4) The church elected (re-elected) the following church officers:
a)  Rick Mester – Deacon (5 years)
b)  Joshua Sharp – Deacon (5 years)
c) Don Sharp – Trustee (3 Years)
d) Debbie Sharp – Sunday School Superintendent (1 year)
e) Mary Jo Rico – Assistant Sunday School Superintendent (1 year)
f) Matt Scheer – Sunday School Secretary Treasurer (1 Year)
g) Don Sharp – Correspondence Secretary (1 Year)
h) Paul Finke – Missionary Secretary (1 Year)

Please pray for the Church of God at Baden that we would honor God and be obedient to His will in all decisions we make.

Rick Mester,
Chairman of the Board of Deacons


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