About the Church

Hi there,

I have been given the privilege of telling you a little about our church, The Church of God at Baden. Remember “at Baden”, not “of Baden”. We have some weird thing about that.

We are a small inner city church in North St. Louis, Missouri, but our congregation consists of people mostly from outside North City. They have chosen this as the place to serve others. Look around our site to see our various ministries.

You will find our history and our Covenant also. We lovingly refer to ourselves as a dysfunctional church. We have issues, and yet love one another in Christ, who is our only hope.

As you look around you will find our calendar. Whatever time an event is, you need to add “ish” to it, except the food bank. Bill and Debbie are always prompt, which I have no explanation for.

If you come to any of our services, you will find that we are like a family with all the advantages and consequence every family has. You will also find a church that loves the Lord Jesus with all our hearts.

Come by and see us sometime.

Pastor Don